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Michael Rakowitz, The invisible enemy should not exist (Room F, section 1, panel 15, Northwest Palace of Kalhu), 2019

Queer Renaissance sculptor Donatello, Marina Abramović, David Hockney and a long-delayed mega-museum in Manchester – your art-design to-do list for the year ahead

ART | Michael Rakowitz

Reimagining the Hanging Gardens of Babylon on the top floor of the Baltic, Rakowitz is creating a sprawling indoor forest of trees, hedges, medicinal plants and herbs among which his ad hoc sculptures replicate the archeological heritage looted and destroyed since the 2003 US invasion of Iraq. Ideas as well as plants will seed the garden into community and school plots, and the Iraqi-American artist plans workshops, where tinctures and poultices, recipes and food will be prepared as acts of celebration and healing

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