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Seher Shah, Variations in Grey, 2020-2021

Graphite dust and ink on ivory Russian paper, 21 x 29 cm

Landscapes can also exist beyond the boundaries of the tangible, formed by the mind as a last harbor, silent whisper, and mirage. Created through confinement and observation, New Delhi-based artist Seher Shah reveals both languages hidden in the infrastructure of a city and the continuous gesture of searching, so much so she repeats a word until it loses meaning and evaporates from written text back to blank paper again.

Shah adopts a new scientific methodology towards her environment, in a process ending with silence and hearing. Her practice both interrogates and blurs the lines of architecture, history, and language, resulting in space as the main suspect of interrogation. In doing so, she tries to define the relationship with her familiar facades.

Entering the gallery of the neutralized blue-toned walls immediately allows you to distinguish the starkness of her white paper works. One cannot help but hear the echoing emptiness of her recent drawings and etchings. An outcome of her space experiment that feels like it is deprived of sound yet filled with musical punctuation.

Charcoal dust is a prominent medium in her drawings, sitting calmly above the surface and abiding by the borders she marked on her paper. Her drawings and etchings seem as if they were snatched from an ongoing search of a forgotten language. Musical bar lines that are usually used to divide musical staffs into measures are being drafted into segmented landscapes of her creation.

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