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Contemporary Identities

Asma Belhamar, The Edifice of Sba, 2019

Projection mapping on wood installation structure

Asma Belhamar hails from the beautiful mountain region of Ras Al Khaimah, UAE and her art practice reflects the "chronological history of the [country's] landscape. "Irreversible view 2 ,1 and 3" are massive digital prints on folded paper that layer mountains landscapes and cityscapes, creating a sense of space, energy and timelessness. "Mountains were always an inspiration in my work [and] I'm intrigued by [their]... almost all-encompassing visual weight. "Grids, architectural drawings and facades have also found their way into Belhamar's work. "The Edifice of SBA," is a projection mapping on a large, square wood cube, where window mouldings appear in the mountain landscape. Similarly, Belhamar's "Façade Observations" drawings employ an architectural grid technique: "The grid is a physical response to the moment we are in... Grids hold a moment visually... I am fascinated by pauses and moments in time that say so much about the time we are living."

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