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Recollections for a Room, Kamrooz Aram

Installation view at Green Art Gallery, Dubai, 2016

Kamrooz Aram, the Iranian-born, Brooklyn-based artist and 2014 Abraaj Group Art Prize recipient is back in Dubai with his second solo show at Green Art Gallery. Aram creates a site-specific installation that encompasses his passion for exhibition design, focusing on how an exhibition space stirs emotional response. Recollections for a Room contains patterns and compositions that exist within a state of flux, challenging viewers to consider the impact of contemporary art history on the value of artwork, and the reinforcement of representational motifs across both East and West by this stagnant Western tradition. In this exhibition, Aram creates a space where ornamentation exists in an unstable setting, nudging viewers to weigh its repercussions as they trace its journey across the visual arts.

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