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Nazgol Ansarinia, Connected Pools, 2020, Blue plaster, Dimensions variable, Unique in a series of 2 + AP

Nazgol Ansarinia, Connected Pools, 2020

Blue plaster, Dimensions variable, Unique in a series of 2 + AP

Press Release

For this landmark tenth edition, QAGOMA’s Asia Pacific Triennial looks to the future of art and the world we inhabit together. It’s rich with stories of how to navigate through time and space, reimagine histories and explore connections to culture and place.

‘The 10th Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art’ (APT10) will include 69 projects with new and recent work by emerging and established artists and collectives, together comprising more than 150 individuals from 30 countries. It includes works of art that are by turn highly personal, deeply political, and full of joy.

Nazgol Ansarinia’s artworks examine the often-overlooked moments of everyday life in Tehran and elegantly reveal how these small occurrences are symptoms of larger structural issues within Iranian society. Her recent projects have looked directly at architecture, ruminating on Tehran’s rapidly growing urban landscape.

Connecting pools 2020 takes the city’s modernist backyard pools as a point of inspiration. In the 1960s and 70s, they became the site of cosmopolitan parties for the Tehrani middle class, but after the 1979 Islamic Revolution, they were seen as lavish displays of hedonism, so most of them were emptied, but have not been filled in. For Ansarinia, this expresses a silent aspiration for a future in which these spaces can be enjoyed once again. Although they occur on private properties, taken together across the city, these small voids become a vast space, which could be read as indirect metaphor for political comradery.

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