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Green Art Gallery launches publication program with Brute Ornament edited by Murtaza Vali

27 February 2012

Brute Ornament
Kamrooz Aram and Seher Shah
Edited by Murtaza Vali

Green Art Gallery
pages 64
ISBN 978-9948-16-427-2

Green Art Gallery is pleased to launch its first publication, Brute Ornament, to accompany the exhibition featuring the works of Kamrooz Aram and Seher Shah. Edited by Murtaza Vali, the publication features essays by Media Farzin, Alan Gilbert, Shumon Basar and an in-depth conversation between Murtaza Vali, Kamrooz Aram and Seher Shah.

As a gallery that has been active in the region for almost two decades, Green Art Gallery has had the privilege of bearing witness to the tremendous transformations the region’s art scene has experienced, in terms of artistic production and presentation, audience reception, and the growing role of institutions, small and large, public and private.

What began in 1995 as a “salon d’art” driven by two women’s personal passion for Modern Arab art has evolved into a contemporary art space whose specific mission is to promote artists working across different media, traditional and new, who employ a research based approach. To better contextualize such challenging work Green Art Gallery is embarking on an ambitious publication program, collaborating with curators, writers, and artists, to expand the reach of our exhibition program beyond “the white cube.”

The publication is available at Green Art Gallery. For further enquiries please contact the Gallery at or +9714 346 9305