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Images don’t always show the true picture, Jyoti Kalsi

8 November 2012

<...> Ansarinia takes inspiration from her Iranian heritage to comment on biased news reporting in the media. In her series, “Subtractions/Refractions”, she has created collages using two radically different articles about the same event from two different newspapers. The articles have been cut into many small pieces, and carefully assembled in the form of traditional Iranian mirror mosaics. “When you look in a mirror, you expect to see a true reflection of yourself. But what you see in these mirror mosaics is a kaleidoscopic distortion of reality. Similarly, the role of a newspaper is to reflect the reality within society. But when you read two different perspectives in two different newspapers, it becomes evident that reality is subjective and depends on the storyteller’s perspective. Like the mirror mosaics, my newspaper mosaics are visually attractive, but do not give us a true picture of the event,” the artist says. <...>