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Kamrooz Aram

Kamrooz Aram in conversation with Arthur Ou, MENASA Studio Dispatches

March 2011

Kamrooz Aram presented his extensive interview with artist Arthur Ou for his participation in the MENASA Studio Dispatches. Aram discusses his efforts to renegotiate histories including the complicated relationship between Modern art and traditional Eastern art. This interview is performed by ‘actors’ on A video of this performance is available online.

The MENASA Studio Dispatches are a series of over 50 five-minute audio works, commissioned by The Island and Art Dubai Projects, by artists working across the North Africa, Middle East and South Asia regions.

Each dispatch reflects the artists’ current work and they range in form from spoken word and music to abstract sound collage. As well as creating a living archive of artistic practice across the region, the dispatches interrogate the contemporary notion of the ‘studio’ and the accelerated expansion of related technologies over recent years, which have transformed the way in which knowledge is produced and disseminated.

The MENASA Studio Dispatches is the second edition of The Island’s Studio Dispatches Project. It was presented at Art Dubai Projects at Art Dubai, 16-19 March 2011.