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Ana Mazzei

Is-Montage! at Carlos / Ishikawa

20 June - 20 July, 2019

Ana Mazzei

Ana Mazzei
Carlos / Ishikawa
Unit 4, 88 Mile End Rd, Stepney Green, London E1 4UN, UK
20 June - 20 July, 2019

Look around carefully, then close your eyes. Wait a minute, perhaps even seven or more …

Imagine you are the woman screaming, singing and dancing, you are the sound of her voice, you are her body moving, you are the floor, the wooden sculptures. You are also the gallery walls, the ceiling and the air that circulates and connects everything.

Now open your eyes. What is your feeling about the colored felt tiles? Maybe they feel like a chess game? What memories do they trigger? Does their color remind you of a womb, of blood, or even sex?

How does the woman feel to you now? Does she look like a witch or a powerful goddess escaped from an expressionist movie? Now that you think about her, does she feel like a stranger or could she be a part of you, as if she was your shadow, screaming, yelling and singing at pain and happiness?

Perhaps the wooden figures remind you of characters in a play, some child’s toys or totems representing some exotic divinities? Do they intrigue you, bringing you closer to portals towards other dimensions, other planets, the cosmos, inside someone else’s mind or gaze?

Ana Mazzei’s apparatus of joy and drama asks to be activated. It is a tragedy that embodies all the signs and symbols. As a collective construction, it invites you to move along with it in a swirling never ending dance, to play with it as it is a game, only that you decide when and if to stop, should you want to. Art and life merge into one single experience and you are the commander.

Please be our guest, you are invited to fall in the very structure of the artist’ imaginary, in your fantasy if you choose. Be welcome and play with the gods, have a laugh with the voices in your head, embrace your inner child.

The experience, such as life, can be as exhilarating as it can be terrifying. You’re encumbered with a great responsibility but do not worry, you are the gods, you are the dancing singing woman, you are the soft felt tiles of the floor and the totems. They only exist because of you. The artist is a messenger, a vector. You both are the creators of this moment, receiving and interpreting.

Please be our guest.